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WEIRD FELDSTEIN limited edition fine art lithograph. Signed and numbered by Al Feldstein (edition size: 150, actual size 23"x40").

The WEIRD FELDSTEIN story begins! From the original painting "revisiting" the cover of Weird Science No.7, a limited edition fine art lithograph, individually signed and numbered by Al himself, is now available to EC fans and other collectors.

The edition has been printed on heavy stock (250 gsm) archival quality silk matt paper, with a final layer of varnish to protect the image for years to come. Only 150 have been produced, keeping this a very limited edition that will most certainly appreciate in value in the short term.

With such a small print run, and Al having been actively involved at every stage of its creation and production, this is a rare opportunity to secure a piece of historic comic art. - purchase this great collectable for only $195.00 plus shipping.

Who could forget this classic cover from Weird Science #7? Two brightly colored space adventurers, like a retro Adam and Eve, stepping onto the surface of an uncharted interstellar Eden, softly highlighted by the soft glow of an alien dawn. This cover re-creation lithograph is a luxurious production exquisitely re-rendered from the original by one of EC Comics' most prolific and prodigious illustrators, Al Feldstein. In his tenure with EC, Al Feldstein's streamlined rocket ship designs and bubble helmets became a house look, as any number of the great EC science fiction books will attest (see below for enlarged detailed sections of the litho).
"It didn't take a huge amount of persuasion for me to accept the commission for the "Weird Science #7 -- Revisited" painting. It was then, and still remains today, one of my favorite space scenes; and was my attempt to produce a powerful image worthy of the Science Fiction genre of the time. I was extremely happy with the end result of this very detailed painting and I am delighted with the high quality of the limited lithograph print" - Al Feldstein

Each lush litho soars in at approximately 23" x 40" and the colors, textures and detail are all reproduced with perfect to the original. A moment in time captured forever by one of the greatest artists who ever blasted off into the astounding world of the imagination.

The spectacular image of the female astronaut stands 14 inches tall. The rocket ship, of which Al has extended higher as he had "originally wanted" in the original comic book illustration, is almost 22 inches tall! The lithograph is true to the original cover - this modern-day painted cover surpass its 50's counterpart! Vibrant colors, brilliant detail, overpowering imagery. The beaker from the side bar erupts a toxic "FAROUT" fume. "AF Entertaining Artist" logos on either side of "Weird Feldstein" are produced in the EC style. A true masterpiece from the master of the Sci-fi genre!

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