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GPAnalysis - making sense of the information overload.

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Never before has so much information regarding comics been available. After decades of operating in the dark, collectors and dealers are now faced with a new challenge: too much information.

Accurately tracking online auction results these days is akin to taking on a second job. We are literally bombarded with more information than is possible to process in a 24 hour day...that is, until now.

Thanks to GPAnalysis, comic book collectors and dealers have a revolutionary new tool available to them. By tracking, recording, and averaging all online auction results, GPAnalysis does the work for you. Simply choose a title and issue number, and GPA will provide you with prior CGC certified auction results from Heritage, eBay, and other major venues, as well as the average price for each book in each grade. Want to know what a Fantastic Four #25 in 9.0 has been trading for? GPA can tell you. Want to know how much you can safely pay for an Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 9.4 condition? Piece of cake.

George Pantela, co-owner of GPAnalysis for Comics and an avid comic collector and trader for twenty years, came up with the idea of an online reporting system after discovering he was often paying more than other people or selling comics at a lower price. "There was no ability to accurately analyze the value of CGC-graded comics at the time I was buying or selling. As I developed a solution to my problem I recognized there was real market value in producing an on-line service to provide all comic collectors with market movement data, constantly updated trading results and analysis of market trends," he said.

Collecting and dealing in comic books has become more competitive than ever, and GPAnalysis give you an edge like no other tool in the industry. For only $6.95 per month, you can be on the inside track by having immediate access to invaluable pricing information. This new service will help collectors and dealers determine the best time to buy and sell to maximize the value of their comic investments.

Heritage Comics has been awarded exclusive North American distribution rights to GPAnalysis for Comics. Sophisticated, yet simple to use, GPAnalysis will help you buy and sell with more confidence; arm yourself with the most current information available by subscribing today.

To subscribe, or to take advantage of the FREE TRIAL OFFER, visit GPAnalysis for Comics at www.gpanalysis.com

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